E=mCD was founded in 2011 by former FireBirds (Team 433) mentors Brendan Burke (McDevitt Graduating Class of ’77) and Gary Bonner, with the help of the Bishop McDevitt Alumni Association, former McDevitt President Dr. Sal DiNenna, and one of McDevitt’s science teachers Matthew Jurkiewicz.

In the fall of 2010 and winter and spring of 2011, Dr. DiNenna and Mr. Jurkiewicz followed Team 433 around in their competition season with Mr. Burke and Mr. Bonner, attending their Philadelphia Regional Competition and visiting the FireBirds’ shop as well. Presentations were made to the Alumni Association and soon after, a financial commitment was made and the team was founded.

Since then, Team 3974 has grown tremendously, now with about 30 team members and over 10 mentors. Our mission today is to teach and inspire the students within our team and community. We strive to demonstrate to others the importance of FIRST and STEM, as well as spread the ideas and values of FIRST and our team.